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Measure, manage and promote it's diversity and inclusion policy

Together, let's make your organisation "inclusion, equity and performance" driven.

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Assess and build your diversity and inclusion strategy

Diagnosis of your actions, your social data and your commitments to identify areas of improvement and increase your impact.


Complete the key figures to obtain indicators to manage.

Assess the maturity of your actions and systems on a scale from 1 to 5.

Higlights your best practices in open fields.

Assess your organization with Mixity
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Indicators to drive your D&I policy

A digital Footprint, unique to communicate your commitments internally and externally. Maturity scores on the 5 dimensions of diversity and inclusion.

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Set goals to progress

Identify your strengths to communicate on your commitments.

Identify areas for improvement and develop your action plans.

Deploy a continuous improvement approach.

Assess your organization with Mixity
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D&I partners selected to accompany you

Our Mixity Partners support you in the implementation and deployment of your action plans in line with your impact goals.

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Diag   +    Human

Complete with Mixity Human for a 360° view of your diversity and inclusion culture

360°. Assess and build your diversity and inclusion strategy


In-depth assessment of your practices and commitments



Probe your teams on diversity and inclusion


Rates adapted to all organisation sizes

Because DE&I is not just for large groups, our rates are adapted to enable you to advance diversity, equity and inclusion

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More than 147 companies have developed their diversity and inclusion strategy thanks to Mixity.

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