Mixity Human: measure the perception of diversity and inclusion among your employees

Mixity Human, an innovative digital tool to assess the perception of diversity and inclusion among your employees.

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A 360-degree assessment of diversity and inclusion

A digital Footprint, unique to communicate your commitments internally and externally.

The Mixity Human evaluation measures the perception of inclusion of your employees on 5 items:
   - - Gender equality
   - Disability
   - Ethnicity and social origins
   - - Intergenerational
   - - Sexual orientation and/or gender identity


A digital dashboard with D&I indicators:

To measure the perception of inclusion of your employees

To build your action plan

To drive your D&I policy

To promote your engagements

To compare your organization

Dashboard Mixity Human

Set goals to progress

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Identify your strengths to communicate on your commitments

Identifying areas for improvement and building an effective and relevant action plan

Objectively objective in order to put in place a continuous improvement approach

A detailed analysis of your results

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Personalized recommendations to achieve your goals

Good practices and concrete actions to put in place

D&I partners selected to accompany you

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Experts in D&I commited to accompany you in your process

Projects to improve inclusion in your organization

An offer adjusted to the size of your structure

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For growing SMEs and Start-ups

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Testimonials from Diversity and Inclusion Innovators

Mathieu Libessart

Mathieu Libessart

Chief executive Sthree SAS in charge of partnerships


Since its inception, Sthree has been aware of the role it has to play in promoting plural diversity within its structure but also in its ecosystem. Working in recruitment for scientific and technological professions and therefore technical trades, it is all the more important to be active on these subjects. Mixity seems to us, to date, the best tool to measure, impact and communicate on our actions.

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