Mixity is a Tech For Good Startup that advocates innovation as an enabler of social and economic progress.

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Mixity develops the first footprint that expresses the consideration of diversity and inclusion in businesses, schools, communities, nonprofit organizations… The Mixity Footprint is designed from a evaluation framework based on five CSR themes: Gender - Handicap - Ethnicity - intergenerational - LGBT+..

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Our mission

We design data intelligence solutions for companies to encourage them to innovate in diversity and inclusion. Mixity, the "data intelligence" serving social innovation.

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Our vision

We believe that equal opportunities are a necessity for every person, regardless of their differences. Beyond economic performance, organizational social responsibility (CSR) is becoming a key factor in success and attractiveness for organizations.

The founders and Mixity Team

Mixity is a Tech for Good startup founded by three partners who are experts in technological and social innovation: Sandrine Charpentier, Dominique Crochu and Jérôme Fortineau. After leading companies and organizations with high human issues, they brought together their CSR, data intelligence and digital skills to show that diversity and inclusion are factors of economic and social progress for all organizations.

Sandrine Charpentier

Sandrine Charpentier

Expert in the gender in Tech, from social innovation and business support to the digital transformation of companies. In February 2019, she co-founded Mixity - with Dominique Crochu and Jérôme Fortineau - to develop the first digital Footprint platform of diversity and inclusion. From 2016 to 2019, she joins the national network of startup incubators, deploys and manages 1Kubator in Nantes. At the same time, she manages Digitaly to advise and train organizations in digital transformation and inclusion. Sandrine Charpentier founded SC Conseil in 2004 in Paris, a media and digital communications agency, then sold it in 2015 to settle in Nantes. Commitment: at the initiative of the creation of the nonprofit organization "Femmes du Digital Ouest des Pays de la Loire" en 2015 (1st regional network in favor of diversity and inclusion in digital).


Dominique Crochu

Expert in sport and gender mix. Actively engaged for greater diversity and inclusion at the heart of various organizations, including sports and business. Digital partner since 2016. Former first director of digital at the French Football Federation until 2012. Commitment: selected, in 2018, as an ambassador for the Rugby World Cup (France 2023). Appointed in 2017 by the State Secretariat in charge of gender equality and the fight against discrimination at the Ministry of Sports (Sport and Women's Commission).

Dominique Crochu
Jérome Fortineau

Jérôme Fortineau

Currently runs a company specializing in Artificial Intelligence. After a ten-year career in a large international group, he has created and developed a technology company specializing in medical imaging in Europe, Asia and the United States. He has always paid attention to taking diversity and inclusion into account in the development of his activities. He especially has worked for the training and integration of young people from all walks of life by getting involved in the training of young people at the University of Nantes in parallel with his activities as a business leader. His visionary qualities led him in 2010 to co-invent a methodology for taking ethics into account in the development and implementation of digital solutions that exploit personal data.


Clément Nicolas

Full-stack developer alternating with the institut "Mines-Télécom - Atlantique" in the Software Engineer cycle. In July 2020, he joined the Mixity team for a three-year rotation. His mission within Mixity is to continue the development of the platform and contribute to the expansion of the company. From 2018 to 2020, he performed a DUT Computer Science and Networks within the University of Nantes and at the same time created and maintained various websites and software for professionals and a town hall.

Clément Nicolas

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