Mixity Start : Diversity and Inclusion

Mixity Start, an online and instant assessment to start your Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

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Because Diversity and Inclusion concern all organizations regardless of their size.

Mixity Start provides the essentials for small and medium-sized enterprises to build their D&I policy.

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With Mixity Start, instantly benefit from your Diversity and Inclusion assessment and your detailed action plan to progress :

   - 50 questions about your D&I processess
   - 2 heures maximum to assess your organization
   - 100% digitalized report with becnhmark and key indicators
   - Recommendations of actions and good practices


Join our customers all around the world

A first assessment to measure diversity and inclusion at 360°

A digital Footprint, unique to communicate your commitments internally and externally.

Scores on the 5 main items of diversity and inclusion :
   - Gender Equality
   - Disability
   - Ethnicity and social origins
   - Generations
   - Sexual orientation and/or gender identity


Scores by dimension to assess your D&I policy

A digital dashboard with D&I indicators:

To measure your inclusion approach

To build your action plan

To drive your D&I policy

To promote your engagements

To compare your organization

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Set goals to progress

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A digital dashboard with D&I indicators:

Identify your strengths to communicate on your commitments

Identifying areas for improvement and building an effective and relevant action plan

Objectively objective in order to put in place a continuous improvement approach

A detailed analysis of your results

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Personalized recommendations to achieve your goals

Good practices and concrete actions to put in place

A visual footprint to communicate

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Transparent results to promote your commitments

Strenghts and clear objectives to promote

Testimonials from Diversity and Inclusion Innovators

Cristina Zamfir

Cristina Zamfir

Chief Officer Human Ressources at CASTALIE


Thanks to my meeting with the Mixity team and their digital and efficient tool, I was able to make a quick and easy point (a footprint) on the inclusion and diversity of our company and, moreover and thanks to the exchanges with their team , I am thinking about the areas for improvement to come


A technological innovation supported by

Mixity, strategic partner of the French Diversity Charter, Member of the EU Platform of Diversity Charters
Mixity, strategic partner of the French Diversity Charter, Member of the EU Platform of Diversity Charters

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