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Mixity 360 DEI

Assess and monitor diversity, equity and inclusion

Your 360° digital HR solution to develop your DE&I strategy's success and impact

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Drive your DE&I strategy forward

Mixity 360 DEI is your "all-in-one" solution to measure your practices, monitor your actions, achieve your objectives and promote your commitments, all with the support of our experts


Assess, deploy and communicate a customised DE&I strategy

Assess & Survey

Assess your inclusion
Share the questionnaire

Thanks to a diagnosis of the organisation's actions and a survey to measure employees' sense of inclusion, you will get a clear vision of your maturity and a personalised roadmap



Monitor your actions

Plan your actions and monitor your key indicators

Get a global and detailed view of your DE&I policy deployment

Allow designated teams to indicate their actions throughout the year


Take action

Find all the information you need to implement your actions

Access solutions built by committed partners and selected by our teams

Consult other organisations' good practices and promote your own.



Promote your commitments and share your actions

Share your roadmap progress with all your teams

Make your progress and performance known to internal and external stakeholders


Assess your practices...

Get a complete overview of your organisation's processes, HR data and initiatives.

Find out your maturity scores, your key metrics and your social footprint.

Identify your strengths, get guidelines for further development of your policy and measure your progress throughout the year.

Mixity Diag Indicateurs
Mixity Human Indicateurs

...and survey your teams

Survey employees' sense of commitment, satisfaction and inclusion on DE&I issues.

Get perception scores, filterable indicators and a footprint of your organisation.

Set goals to progress

Identify your strengths to communicate on your commitments.

Identify areas for improvement and develop your action plans.

Deploy a continuous improvement approach.

Assess your organization with Mixity
Mixity Diag Disability

Track your commitments

Define targets, plan your actions and monitor your progress indicators.
Enable your HR teams to contribute to the organisation's strategy

Promote your commitments

Share your best practices with other organisations.

Develop your employer brand.

Promote your DE&I strategy to your stakeholders.

Assess your organization with Mixity
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D&I partners selected to accompany you

Our Mixity Partners support you in the implementation and deployment of your action plans in line with your impact goals.

Mixity Partners

Accessible solutions for all

Whether you are an SME, an association, a school or a large international organisation, the Mixity 360 offer is tailored so that you can deploy an ambitious diversity, equity and inclusion strategy

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Education &
Non-profit organisations

Rates adapted to all organisation sizes

Because DE&I is not just for large groups, our rates are adapted to enable you to advance diversity, equity and inclusion

Our other solutions

In order to best meet all needs, we also have an offer for beginners and an offer dedicated to academic institutions


Instant audit and action plan



In-depth assessment of your practices and commitments


Testimonials from Diversity and Inclusion Innovators

More than 154 companies have developed their diversity and inclusion strategy thanks to Mixity.

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