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Our methodology

L'empreinte Mixity est conçue à partir d'un référentiel issu de la collaboration avec des experts de la diversité et de l'inclusion. Elle est générée à partir des données renseignées par les organisations : entreprises, écoles, collectivités, associations…

L’Empreinte Mixity est un outil numérique innovant élaboré pour mesurer la maturité de vos pratiques diversité et inclusion des organisations.

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Weighting and algorithm

From the frame of reference, a weight index is associated to each question, while integrating Mixity's knowledge database and interviews with diversity, equity and inclusion experts.

Based on the data collected, the Mixity platform runs a decision engine that generates the visual footprint. This footprint is enhanced with key indicators on strengths, areas of improvement and progress targets in relation to the visualisation of the organisation's DE&I footprint.

Mixity Diag Disability

Annual revision with the support of the expert and guidance committee

The Mixity evaluation framework is reviewed annually, in collaboration with the Mixity expert and guidance committee composed of the representative bodies of the 5 Diversity items and institutional bodies of reference on Diversity

Mixity Diag Disability

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More than 154 companies have developed their diversity and inclusion strategy thanks to Mixity.

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