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An artificial intelligence-based Footprint to assess Diversity and Inclusion in your organization

Mixity is the first digital platform that reports on the overall diversity and inclusion impact of companies, schools, local authorities, associations, etc.

Mixity relies on an evaluation framework based on 5 CSR themes: Gender - Handicap - Multi-cultural - Multi-generational - LGBT, to generate a diversity and inclusion Footprint specific to each organisation.

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Mixity Footprint - How does it work?

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The organisation or organization completes a detailed questionnaire on its key figures and actions in favor of diversity and inclusion on 5 items: gender, disability, ethnicity, intergenerational and LGBTQIA+

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Creation of the Footprint

The Footprint is automatically generated and shows the degree of inclusion and diversity in the organisation. The organisation benefits from data and good practices to advance diversity and inclusion in its organization.

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The organisation sheet is in line with the indicators per item

Internet users view the organisation profile and access the indicators of diversity and inclusion by items, with details of the organization's strengths and points of progress.

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Employees can contribute to inclusion in their organisation

Internet users can log in to assess their perception of inclusion in their organization and suggest actions and good practices to their organisation.

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Internet users can compare one organisation with another or with the industry average and make an opinion on the organization's commitments to diversity and inclusion.

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More than 154 companies have developed their diversity and inclusion strategy thanks to Mixity.

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